A "one-woman" stand up comedy show performed by Jane Cronin in Torrevieja July 2008. Everything they didn't tell you when you bought your house in Spain.

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I have also done two performances as Juana la Loca in the local Jacarilla fiesta, which can been seen on the following links:

Juana la Loca 2014

Juana la Loca 2019

In March 2021 I won first prize in a II Concurso de Micro-teatro 8M organised by the townhall of Cuéllar with this rendition of Juana la Loca's "Arból Ginecológico" filmed during lockdown.


Not Mentioned in the Brochure - Part One


Not Mentioned in the Brochure - Part Two


Not Mentioned in the Brochure - Part Three


Not Mentioned in the Brochure - Part Four


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