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  • Step by Step Spanish Volume 4 - pdf

Step by Step Spanish - Volume 4 - PDF Download - 46 pages - 5,95€

Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step” Spanish articles have gathered a huge following of faithful readers over recent years.  The articles are ideal for people who struggle with language learning and want to get a proper grasp of how the Spanish language is put together.  They are clear and succinct and written in a lively easy-to-read style, building up your understanding step by step with each subject explained clearly in layman’s terms.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge of the Spanish language already, you will find these articles an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.




Lesson 121                          Words of Arabic origin

Lesson 122                          The rhythm of speech                                                                                  

Lesson 123                          Rules of word stress                                                                      

Lesson 124                          Weak and strong vowels                                                             

Lesson 125                          Mispronounced words                                                                                 

Lesson 126                          Yours untranslatably (adverbs)                                                                 

Lesson 127                          Place names                                                                                                      

Lesson 128                          Our English accent                                                                                          

Lesson 129                          Our English accent (part two)                                                                    

Lesson 130                          Our typical errors                                                                                            

Lesson 131                          The verb “ponerse”                                                                                       

Lesson 132                          Translating “was”                                                                                            

Lesson 133                          More about “was”                                                                                          

Lesson 134                          Ser and Estar in the past                                                                              

Lesson 135                          Two past tenses                                                                                              

Lesson 136                          Contrasting tenses                                                                                         

Lesson 137                          Ways of talking about the future                                                             

Lesson 138                          Future of intention                                                                                        

Lesson 139                          Future simple                                                                                                   

Lesson 140                          More Ways of Expressing the Future                                                     

Lesson 141                          Conditional sentences (some tricks)                                                       

Lesson 142                          Uses of past participle (gender and number)                                     

Lesson 143                          More examples of past participles                                                          

Lesson 144                          Accents and pronunciation                                                                         

Lesson 145                          Colloquialisms                                                                                                  

Lesson 146                          Passive voice - introduction                                                                        

Lesson 147                          Incomplete passive (se vende)                                                                 

Lesson 148                          True passive – use of past participles                                                     

Lesson 149                          Indirect object pronouns                                                                             

Lesson 150                          Indirect object pronouns (part two)                                                       

Lesson 151                          “se” “le” “les”                                                                                                   

Lesson 152                          Object pronouns in alternative positions

Lesson 153                          Imperatives (tú)

Lesson 154                          Imperatives (tú) linked to pronouns                                                       

Lesson 155                          Summary and Imperatives (vosotros)                                                    

Lesson 156                          Imperatives (vosotros) and reflexives                                                   

Lesson 157                          Imperatives (usted)                                                                                       

Lesson 158                          Present subjunctive                                                                                      

Lesson 159                          Present subjunctive (part two)

Lesson 160                          Present subjunctive (part three)                                                            

Step by Step Spanish Volume 4 - pdf

  • 5.95€

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