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  • Classroom Spanish Download - All 6 Levels

All 6 Levels of Classroom Spanish Download 

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Jane Cronin’s six Spanish courses have been developed over a period of nearly 20 years of Spanish teaching experience. The courses are tailored to meet the needs of students who have little or no background in language learning and who wish to communicate in Spanish in their everyday lives. They are ideal for group and classroom use and can also be helpful with self-study and as complementary reference material.

Survival Spanish CD and Booklet download - WMA audio and PDF format booklet - 5.95€

Based on the hugely popular Survival Spanish group course, which has started thousands of people on the path to learn a new language, this audio CD is a must for new learners to the language, as well as those of advanced levels to help iron out some of the most common issues in pronunciation.

Accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature, Jane takes you from the basics through a multitude of everyday phrases to help you integrate into the Spanish way of life.
Dealing with some of the most common and popular situations, each phrase is pronounced first in English, then in Spanish by a native Spanish speaker showing you how you will actually hear the phrases in real life.
With this audio course you get to listen and learn the correct way to speak, and also tune your hearing to recognise the Spanish language as it is really spoken.

Survival Spanish Audio CD and Book:




This course provides the perfect start to learning the Spanish language as it is spoken in everyday life. Starting with greetings, alphabet, pronunciation rules and numbers, the course goes on to cover a whole variety of basic phrases which are useful in a range of day-to-day situations in Spain.

The audio file contains the repetition of all written phrases by a native Spanish speaker.


  1. Introduction

  2. Saying Hello

  3. Pronunciation

  4. Numbers

  5. Money

  6. Everyday expressions

  7. Having something to eat or drink

  8. Road signs

  9. In the street market

  10. At the post office. Use of “a” and “the”

  11. Pronunciation of syllables

  12. Days and months

  13. Dates

  14. Bills and banks

  15. Going shopping

  16. Filling in forms

  17. Emergency situations

  18. Parts of the body. At the chemist

  19. Telling the time

  20. At the garage

  21. At the hairdresser’s

  22. Exclamations and weather

  23. Snagging lists

  24. Places

  25. Giving directions

  26. So – now what should I do?


The aim of this course is to move you on from basic survival phrases to building up your own sentences in a simple way. As you follow the course step by step you will find that a considerable range of ideas can be expressed easily using the words you have already learnt and following a few basic rules. By the end of the course you will be able to talk about your intentions, likes, needs, wants, and preferences and those of other people, as well as discussing personal characteristics, homes and families.

The audio file contains the repetition of all written phrases by a native Spanish speaker.


  1. General introduction

  2. Introduction to verbs

  3. “I” sentences

  4. Adding more words

  5. Time and place

  6. Purpose and summary

  7. Direct object pronouns

  8. Numbers from 100

  9. Describing people

  10. More verbs

  11. “You” sentences

  12. I’ve got. Have you got?

  13. House words

  14. Open questions

  15. The family

  16. “He” and “she” sentences

  17. Jobs, countries, nationalities

  18. Name, age, location

  19. More open and closed questions

  20. “We” and “they” sentences

  21. “-ing” words

  22. Text “Mi Familia”

  23. Additional useful phrases



This course moves forward to study the language in greater depth. We learn the basic rules to form the present tense (e.g. I speak), to talk about things that are happening at the present moment (I am speaking) and to talk about the recent and more general past (I have spoken). Although we have to learn some basic grammatical rules, the language is still practical and can be used in everyday conversation.

This package contains an audio file with a repetition of all written Spanish and a separate file with answers to exercises.


  1. Introduction

  2. A new look at pronunciation

  3. Text: La España de Hoy

  4. Questions and conversation

  5. Revising infinitive verbs

  6. Revision sentences

  7. The “present action” tense

  8. Text: ¿Qué estás haciendo?

  9. Conversation

  10. The “recent past” tense

  11. Revision and conversation

  12. Text: La Nochebuena

  13. Questions and conversation

  14. The “present simple” tense

  15. Revision sentences

  16. Text: El día típico de Luis

  17. Questions ¿Cómo es tu día típico?

  18. More verbs

  19. Reflexive verbs

  20. Conversation

  21. Do you like it? Yes, I love it!

  22. Word tables

  23. Comparison of adjectives



By now the foundation has been laid which will enable us to make some significant steps forward. We will learn new past and future tenses and other aspects of grammar necessary to help us communicate effectively, whilst not losing sight of everyday communication.

This package contains an audio file with a repetition of all written Spanish and a separate file with answers to exercises.


  1. Introduction and pronunciation

  2. Revision of reflexive verbs

  3. Giving orders – simple imperatives

  4. Past imperfect (continuous, descriptive) tense

  5. Direct object pronouns

  6. Past simple (preterite, “done and dusted”) tense

  7. Indirect object pronouns

  8. Uses of “por” and “para”

  9. Future simple tense

  10. Possessive adjectives and pronouns

  11. Story



This level starts with a considerable amount of revision of past tenses already learnt and more indication of when to use each one. It goes on to expand on other areas of grammar and introduces the “past perfect” and “conditional” tenses. The final part of the course provides a basic and clear introduction to the use of the”present subjunctive”.

This package contains an audio file with a repetition of all written Spanish and a separate file with answers to exercises.


Section One – Talking about the past.

  1. Past continuous tense – hablaba – I was speaking/I used to speak

  2. Past simple tense – hablé – I spoke

Section Two – Some uses of past participles

  1. Present perfect tense – he hablado – I have spoken

  2. Past perfect tense – había hablado – I had spoken

  3. As adjectives – español hablado – spoken Spanish

Section Three – Talking about the future

  1. Future of intention – voy a hablar – I’m going to speak

  2. Conditional tense – hablaría – I would speak

  3. Future simple tense – hablaré – I will speak

Section Four – Talking about hypothetical situations

  1. Present subjunctive. No quiero que hables – I don´t want you to speak.

Para que hablen – so that they speak.

  1. Imperatives which use the present subjunctive

¡No hables! Don´t speak (Singular familiar negative)

¡Hable! ¡No hable! Speak! Don’t speak! (Singular formal positive and negative)

¡Hablen! !No hablen! Speak! Don´t speak! (Plural formal positive and negative)



This final course in the series aims to expand our range of vocabulary and colloquial usage, provide wider opportunities for communication and cultural knowledge, whilst revisiting areas of the language already learnt. It also revises the present subjunctive, introduces the imperfect subjunctive and finishes with a summary of points aimed at advanced learners who may wish to continue with future study.

This package contains an audio file with a repetition of all written Spanish and a separate file with answers to exercises.


  1. Expressions with colours

  2. New verbs

  3. Dar, darse, llevar, llevarse, quedar

  4. Text – Toledo

  5. Regions of Spain map

  6. Use and formation of passive voice

  7. Describing an object – communication activity.

  8. Text – Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente

  9. Position of adjectives

  10. Even more verbs

  11. Revisiting present subjunctive

  12. Imperfect subjunctive formation and use

  13. First and second conditional sentences

  14. Subjunctives of ser and estar

  15. Popular sayings

  16. Colloquial speech

  17. Linking words

  18. Two more grammar points – explained briefly!

  19. Conclusions

Classroom Spanish Download - All 6 Levels

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