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Sid's Adventures in Spain




Sid’s Adventures in Spain is a bilingual reading book which contains a wealth of language resources for students of Spanish and English... read more..

Paperback from €17.69



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Essential Spanish -Audio CD & Book




This audio CD with accompanying booklet follows on from the level One Survival Spanish course... read more..

Order CD from €11.00



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Spanish as it is Spoken DVD 1

Spanish as it is Spoken DVD 1

If you want to learn Spanish the traditional way SPANISH AS IT IS SPOKEN is probably not for you!! Right from the beginning you'll... read more..

Order DVD from €9.00


Spanish as it is Spoken DVD 2

Spanish as it is Spoken DVD 2

Spanish as it is Spoken Part Two by Jane Cronin provides the perfect follow on from Part One of the same series...read more..

Order DVD from €9.00


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Spanish Pronunciation - Part 1 of 6 

Click here to see the rest of this series and to download the whiteboard text as a .pdf file

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