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If asked if you would like to open or save the file, select save.

Navigate to where you want to save the file, where you will go to find it in the future.  This maybe by going to My Documents and then double clicking eBooks, if you have an eBook folder.  Your computer may automatically save the file under My Documents > Downloads.  If you can't find the file in My Documents, it will probably be under Downloads.  Copy the file and then paste it into My Documents.

If you download the file and still cannot find it on your computer then click on Start > Search and enter Sid.  You should now see a file that ends with .pdf.  Open this and then click File > Save As and then save it where you want to find it.

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Spanish Pronunciation - Part 1 of 6 

Click here to see the rest of this series and to download the whiteboard text as a .pdf file

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