Essential Spanish II


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This audio CD with accompanying booklet follows on from the level One Survival Spanish course. It is also designed to accompany Jane Cronin’s audience-taught Essential Spanish course.

Essential Spanish level two is designed to give you the tools you need to start speaking by explaining simple language building principles and keeping grammatical explanations to a minimum.

As you follow the simple step-by-step examples you will be able to construct a wide variety of sentences useful in a multitude of everyday situations.

By hearing examples first in English and then repeated by a native Spanish speaker, the course will give you confidence in speaking and will tune your ear to the language you will hear around you.

  1. General Introduction to course
  2. Introduction to verbs
  3. “I” sentences
  4. Adding more words
  5. Time and place
  6. Purpose and summary
  7. Direct object pronouns
  8. Numbers from 100
  9. Describing people
  10. More verbs
  11. “You” sentences
  12. I’ve got.  Have you got?
  13. House words
  14. Open questions
  15. The family
  16. “He” or “she” sentences
  17. Jobs, countries and nationalities
  18. Name, age, location
  19. Closed and open questions“We” and “they” sentences
  20. “– ing” words.
  21. Text.  “Mi familia”
  22. List of grammar words used in this course
  23. Additional useful phrases

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Spanish Pronunciation - Part 1 of 6 

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