Welcome to my website! I have been a teacher of Spanish in Spain for nearly twenty years and over that time have produced a whole range of materials to help my students in their learning. All these materials, including my classroom teaching resources, are now on this website and available at extremely reasonable prices. In some cases, there are “physical” products such as DVDs, CDs and books which can be delivered to your home, but there is also an extensive range of e-books, downloads and four different interactive courses which are conducted via e-mail.

For beginner Spanish students, or those who just need phrases to get by in everyday situations, a good starting point are my two DVDs or downloads “Spanish as it is Spoken” Volumes One and Two which give you all the basics you need in audio-visual form. At the same level but with a wider range of written and audio material you have my level one classroom course “Survival Spanish”.

If you are interested in understanding how the Spanish language is put together in elementary terms you need my level two classroom course “Essential Spanish”. Also starting at this level are the “Step by Step” series of e-books and the linked Step by Step General Course which is based on the same articles incorporating short tests and dictations.

To meet other specific needs there is the course “Ariadna” aimed at developing listening skills; “Get to Grips with Spanish Verbs” which gives practice in the use of Spanish verb tenses and the Portrait of Spain course about Spanish history which is suitable for any language level. I also have three books available – “Going Native” about experiencing Spanish language and culture (e-book only); Sid’s Adventures in Spain, (paperback and e-book) a humorous bilingual story book about an expat moving to Spain and Crazy English (paperback and e-book)which is intended for Spanish learners of English.

Here is a chart to help you to find the right product for you. I hope you enjoy looking around the site and finding all the additional free videos and free material that is available and please feel free to contact me directly if you would like any additional advice.

Finally, if you require a professional Spanish/English translator of written material, please do not hesitate to contact me for details. 


Spanish Pronunciation - Part 1 of 6 

Click here to see the rest of this series and to download the whiteboard text as a .pdf file

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