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Hello Jane

I have just completed level 5 Logical Spanish.

Credit where it’s due, I think your method of teaching and your books are very helpful and highly effective. I refer constantly to the material we received in levels 3, 4 and now 5 when I email my Spanish friends. I now have the confidence to speak more to Spanish folk and consequently I have Spanish email pals and Spanish friends who I meet for coffee as we try to help each other in our native languages.  This is all due to your teaching and the confidence it has given me.  I look forward to level 6 and revising all our work.

My husband and I also attended your last series of talks and found them fascinating. Not only were they interesting and entertaining, they gave a wonderful insight in to Spanish attitudes and customs as well as the basic history and culture of the country. We now visit sights and cities and see them with new eyes!  Thank you once again. I will miss your input into my daily life when I have completed level 6!!


Sue Campbell
13th March 2010

Classroom courses

“Thank you for the wonderful help you gave me when we met in Spain. The lessons have given me confidence and I do the pronunciation work every day.” 

“Thank you for advancing our Spanish in such an interesting and humorous way.  We have enjoyed every moment and now feel much more like we "belong" to Spain.  I hope you found our input interesting and humorous too!!   We felt part of a warm and lively group and look forward to future meetings.”

“Thank you for an agonising 10 weeks.  We loved it so much we will be back for more!”

Audience courses

“Your teaching has been exemplary … and your easy-going style mixed with humour has made it a pleasure.”

 “You have made it easier for us to grasp and we are gaining the confidence day by day.”

 “We never thought learning Spanish could be such fun…. We both feel we have learnt a great deal from you, not just the language but also things about the Spanish culture.  We will both miss coming to these lessons.”

“Thank you Jane for a wonderful course.  It was full of topics that we come across every week but don’t fully understand.   It was easy going, fun and right for complete beginners like me.”

“Full marks to a tutor who can hold the attention of more that 160 candidates a deliver a language course in a most simple yet most effective manner”

“Having tried twice before to learn Spanish I can honestly say at last it’s all coming together thanks to your survival course… Out of 10 I would give it 9 (I never give 10’s)”

“This is just to let you know that we enjoyed attending your Conversational Spanish classes.  You were patient and ensured that we understood the words, verbs, meaning of text before moving on.  Although we were so many, you handled us very well.   Thank you for your patience, humour and teaching skills – all well appreciated.”

I am really looking forward to the second course in September, since doing the first course, I have grown in confidence and am now enjoying my newfound communication skills.  Thank you

About the learning process and  why you are one of the best teachers I have met

It is simply because you make it in a different and completely new way - you´re standing there on the stage speaking to an audience of 200 people and I feel like your words are pointing directly to ME!
Usually I prefer to sit in the front to concentrate and not be disturbed by people in front of me - in your third level course this year I made an experiment by putting myself to the side in the room. The effect was the same - you were speaking to me anyway, you didn´t have to look at me at all.  That must be your combination of being talented, using your Intelligence and having a strong personality.
You are gifted - it´s just Magic!! 
You give me, and 200 other people, time to take in without the pressure of suddenly being pointed out officially to show how good or bad we are. I feel relaxed and I enjoy my lesson, looking forward to the next one. That is one of the most important things in the learning process - to feel safe and confident. It has nothing to do with how much I really learn or not - that´s up to my brain capacity, my abilities or my own effort to work during and after the lesson.  And the tests we do - I´m in a competition with myself, seriously wanting to win! But it´s all up to me...
The "whole machinery" around you - your assistants, the way you use the overhead projector,  the way you prepare your books step by step teaching us the most important and basic words, your own personal way of describing words and situations, your stories from real life, for example the lesson about your own private big family and the lesson "En la peluquería" is unforgettable!!! They were performances!
To really start from the beginning is a challenge for a teacher. Many teacher starts somewhere in the middle, while you break the "language down into pieces" and start with the most important bricks in the bottom, building the wall up steadily from the ground.  That´s why it´s possible to start all over from the beginning in your course number one even if you are not a beginner.

Your way of taking us in to the Spanish world - Who are the Spanish people? How do they think? What is different here? Background, history, geography, dialects... your "talk" about Franco.  With more knowledge I can better fit in and understand this country and its people.
The big difference after taking part in your courses is:  It´s not depressing anymore!   We are having a fun time...   We feel nearly "normally clever" anyway and that is important for our lives.    As students we are so grateful to you.

Articles in Round Town News

“I feel I must write to you and say how much I enjoy learning Spanish with your lessons in the RTN.   I have been in Spain now for four years now and am fortunate in that all my neighbours are Spanish so this helps me a lot.  I thought that I had a reasonable grasp of the basics but your lessons have opened up a whole new perspective.” 

“I have been following your Spanish Lessons in the RTN right from the beginning.  I just wanted you to know that they have helped me tremendously and I appreciate all you and your web site have done for me personally.  A big 'Thank You' for your generosity.”



Hello Jane,

Wow joining your site is easy, excellent and so very full of useful information for me to wade through being available for everyone to see digest and enjoy, it is such a unique and free way to continue learning the language of the country that I have chosen to live in.
I look forward to joining one of your courses in the future, I also wondered whether you do any paid for courses on line. This old fellow is 71 and I have been learning Spanish for about two years,but I have still not had an opportunity to converse in Spanish especially as I have lived in little britain in El Galan near Villamartin for six years.
Keep up your excellent work.
Regards. Norman.

Website review

We recently received an email from a lady called Sandra Piddocks, who had written a review of this website. We liked it so much we thought we´d share it with you.

If you’re going to live in Spain, you really should try to learn the language, no matter how daunted you are by the prospect. For a painless introduction to the language, visit Jane Cronin’s website. Jane is a real celebrity on the Costa Blanca. She’s a bit like Victoria Wood in Spanish, telling funny tales about her struggles with the language when she first arrived in Spain, and singing songs about the Brits in Spain in her stand-up comedy show.

But there’s a serious side to Jane as well. She is an accomplished language teacher and runs a Language School in San Pedro del Pinatar, teaching Spanish to the English and English to the Spanish. She writes regular columns for the local press, and organises cultural holidays twice a year. Jane’s approach to learning Spanish is holistic, as she rightly believes that, to really understand the Spanish language, you also need to understand the Spanish way of life.

On Jane’s website, you will find everything you need to ease you into the language and the culture of Spain. Like Julie Andrews, she ‘starts at the very beginning,’ with an A – Z of Spanish. Working through the alphabet, she explains in detail the pronunciations and uses of each letter. There are sample Spanish lessons on the website, too, and a quiz to test your Spanish. And it’s possible to listen to Jane’s radio series, ‘Spanish as it is Spoken.’ You can also purchase her DVDs and books, or register for a Spanish course through the site.

That said, the site is much more than a marketing tool. It is a veritable mine of information, with word lists to cover everything from calling the plumber to going to watch your favourite football team. After all, it’s not the same if you can’t shout ‘Expulsalo!’ (‘Send him off!) and ‘Arbitro, estas ciego?’ (‘Are you blind, ref?’) along with everybody else! There are even some choice swear words, should you feel the need for them. These are the sort of things that set Jane Cronin apart from other language teachers; she teaches you the sort of things that Spaniards say and explains how they do things, so you begin to feel at home with Spain and the Spanish.

There are several articles by Jane on Spanish life, including dealing with bureaucracy, the education system, and eating out. In addition, there are reprinted articles from the Costa Blanca News, ranging from interviews with lawyers and estate agents to an overview of life in modern Spain. Anything you can’t find out from the main site can probably be discovered through the ‘useful links’ page. is a lively, entertaining and informative site which you will want to bookmark and return to again and again. It’s a site which gives a balanced overview of life in Spain without taking itself too seriously. Visit the site soon and enjoy the magic of Jane Cronin.

Published at movetothecostablanca. May 27, 2008.


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