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Step by Step Spanish Course

Step by Step Spanish Course



Step by Step Spanish courses are a series of interactive tests, audio files and dictation activities which are corrected and monitored personally by Jane Cronin via e-mail. They are designed to reinforce your learning and test your understanding of Spanish taught in Step by Step articles and to encourage and develop your comprehension of spoken Spanish.


Each quiz relates to ten articles of Step by Step Spanish ebooks volumes 1, 2 and 3.  Therefore, there are four sets of quizzes, audio files and dictations for each volume of 40 articles.


Each set includes:

  • Ten Step by Step lessons
  • An audio file of the Spanish words and phrases used in the ten articles accompanied by a document containing the same words and phrases.
  • A sheet with questions and exercises based on the ten articles.
  • A document with correct answers and comments.
  • Two audio files containing a short dictation, one at normal spoken speed and one at slow speed.
  • An answer sheet for the dictation giving the first letter of each word.
  • A document containing original dictation text.

1. On purchasing Step by Step Spanish course you will receive by e-mail:

• pdf of ten Step by Step articles
• Quiz sheet based on first ten lessons.
• Audio file with words and phrases contained in first ten lessons.
• Accompanying pdf document with words and phrases.

2. Read first ten articles of e-book.

3. Listen to the pronunciation whilst reading the accompanying document.
4. Complete the quiz sheet and return by e-mail.
5. You will then receive:
• Your quiz sheet corrected with any errors highlighted
• Document with correct answers and general comments
• Two audio files for dictation (normal and slow)
• Dictation answer sheet.
6. Listen to the dictation material. Try to comprehend the normal speed dictation first,
using the slower
speed dictation for support.
7. Complete the dictation answer sheet and return by e-mail.
8. You will then receive:
• your dictation sheet corrected with any errors highlighted
• A document with original dictation text
• An e-mail enclosing materials related to the next set of ten lessons.
Throughout the process you are free to consult with Jane by e-mail about the 
language you are learning. It is recommended that you continue to listen to the
audio text with the printed text to further build listening comprehension skills.


25 euros per Volume (containing 4 course sets) 

60 euros if all three volumes are purchased together. 

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Step by Step Spanish Course Volume 1 - 25,00€ VOLUME ONE CONTENTS                               ..
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Step by Step Spanish - General Course Volume 2 - 25,00€   STEP BY STEP SPANISH COURSE by Jane ..
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Step by Step Spanish - General Course -  Volume 3 - 25,00€   STEP BY STEP SPANISH COURSE by Ja..
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Step by Step Spanish Courses Volumes 1,2,3
Step by Step Spanish - General Courses - Volumes 1,2,3 - 60,00€ Dear Jane, I felt I should drop ..
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