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  • Step by Step Spanish Volume 5 - pdf
Step by Step Spanish - Volume 5 - PDF Download - 44 pages - 5,95€

Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step” Spanish articles have gathered a huge following of faithful readers over recent years.  The articles are ideal for people who struggle with language learning and want to get a proper grasp of how the Spanish language is put together.  They are clear and succinct and written in a lively easy-to-read style, building up your understanding step by step with each subject explained clearly in layman’s terms.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge of the Spanish language already, you will find these articles an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.



Lesson 161                          Present  subjunctive (part four)                                                                               

Lesson 162                          Present subjunctive (part five)                                                                

Lesson 163                          Present subjunctive (part six)                                                                   

Lesson 164                          Present subjunctive (part seven)                                                            

Lesson 165                          Colours                                                                                                               

Lesson 166                          Colour expressions                                                                                        

Lesson 167                          Position of Adjectives                                                                                  

Lesson 168                          Apócope                                                                                                             

Lesson 169                          Por and Para                                                                                                     

Lesson 170                          Word order                                                                                                       

Lesson 171                          Word order (part two)                                                                                  

Lesson 172                          Imperfect Subjunctive – introduction                                                   

Lesson 173                          Imperfect Subjunctive – regular “ar” verbs                                         

Lesson 174                          Imperfect Subunctive  – “estar”, “er” and”ir” verbs                        

Lesson 175                          Imperfect Subjunctive – “ser”, “tener” “poder”                                

Lesson 176                          Use of Impefect Subjunctive - second conditional                          

Lesson 177                          Reading activity – Toledo                                                                            

Lesson 178                          Answers to Toledo                                                                                         

Lesson 179                          Quedar/quedarse                                                                                          

Lesson 180                          Llevar / llevarse                                                                                                              

Lesson 181                           Caber                                                                                                                  

Lesson 182                           Volver / volverse                                                                                           

Lesson 183                          Linking words (1)                                                                                            

Lesson 184                          Linking words (2)                                                                                            

Lesson 185                          Relative pronouns (1)                                                                                   

Lesson 186                          Relative pronouns (2)                                                                                   

Lesson 187                          Compound verb tenses (1)                                                                         

Lesson 188                          Compound verb tenses (2)                                                                         

Lesson 189                          Compound verb tenses (3)                                                                         

Lesson 190                          Compound verb tenses (4)                                                                         

Lesson 191                          Compound verb tenses (5)                                                                         

Lesson 192                          First and second conditionals                                                                   

Lesson 193                          Third conditional                                                                                            

Lesson 194                          Colloquial expressions                                                                                

Lesson 195                          More Useful Expressions                                                                            

Lesson 196                          Word Families                                                                                                 

Lesson 197                          More about Word Families                                                                        

Lesson 198                          Unexpected Prepositions                                                                           

Lesson 199                          Long term problems with learning Spanish                                        

Lesson 200                          Verb tense summary     

Step by Step Spanish Volume 5 - pdf

  • 5.95€

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