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Step by Step Spanish Volume 2 - pdf

Step by Step Spanish Volume 2 - pdf
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Step by Step Spanish - Volume 2 - PDF Download - 50 pages - 5,95€

Jane Cronin’s “Step by Step” Spanish articles have gathered a huge following of faithful readers over recent years.  The articles are ideal for people who struggle with language learning and want to get a proper grasp of how the Spanish language is put together.  They are clear and succinct and written in a lively easy-to-read style, building up your understanding step by step with each subject explained clearly in layman’s terms.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge of the Spanish language already, you will find these articles an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration.



Lesson 41                    Open questions in third person                                                                                

Lesson 42                    Summary of tense forms                                                                             

Lesson 43                    Just a few little words                                                                                   

Lesson 44                    Introduction to present simple                                                                 

Lesson 45                    -AR verb endings in present simple                                                        

Lesson 46                    -ER verb endings in present simple                                                         

Lesson 47                    Some first person singular changes                                                   

Lesson 48                        -IR verb endings in present simple                                                          

Lesson 49                    Verb oír and present simple standard sentences                        

Lesson 50                    Answers to translations with explanations                                          

Lesson 51                    Introduction to root-changing verbs (E – IE)                                        

Lesson 52                    Root-changing continued.  Word stress                                                

Lesson 53                    More E – IE root-changing verbs (querer, sentir)                                              

Lesson 54                    O – UE root-changing verbs                                                                        

Lesson 55                    summary and E – I root-changing verbs                                                

Lesson 56                    More on E – I root-changing verbs                                                          

Lesson 57                    Odd first person singular forms                                                                

Lesson 58                    Irregular verbs IR and HABER                                                                                 

Lesson 59                    Uses of SER and ESTAR                                                                                 

Lesson 60                    Uses of SER and ESTAR  part two                                                              

Lesson 61                    Uses of SER and ESTAR  part three                                                          

Lesson 62                    More negative expressions – never, no one, nothing                    

Lesson 63                    Use of “ningún”, “ninguno”, “ninguna”                                                 

Lesson 64                    Disjunctive pronouns                                                                                    

Lesson 65                    Direct object pronouns                                                                          

Lesson 66                    Direct object pronouns cont.                                                                     

Lesson 67                    Direct object pronouns – use of “le” and “les”                                   

Lesson 68                    Direct object pronouns - examples                                                         

Lesson 69                    Conjunctions – and, but, or etc.                                                               

Lesson 70                    Adverbs of manner                                                                                        

Lesson 71                    Prepositions – time and place                                                                   

Lesson 72                    Possessive adjectives                                                                                   

Lesson 73                    Possessive pronouns                                                                                   

Lesson 74                    Possessive – questions.  Word order                                                    

Lesson 75                    Prefixes – DES                                                                                                  

Lesson 76                    Prefixes – CON, CONTRA                                                                             

Lesson 77                    List of other prefixes                                                                                     

Lesson 78                    Suffixes                                                                                                                               

Lesson 79                    Absolute superlatives                                                                                   

Lesson 80                    Gentilicios           

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