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  • Decir

    The verb “decir” is one of the most useful words in the whole language.   It is the equivalent of both “to say” and “to tell” in English, and it would[…]

  • Pasar

    One of the most useful verbs in the entire Spanish language is “pasar”.  It has three basic meanings which we can apply to everyday life immediately.  One is “to pass”[…]

  • Jugar

    I think I may be getting a bit too serious with these verbs, so this week’s is much more playful, in fact it is the verb “to play” – jugar.  […]

  • Conocer

    Last week I wrote about the verb “saber” meaning “to know” and we saw that it refers to knowing information or facts.  There is another verb which we also translate[…]

  • Saber

    There are two verbs in Spanish which we translate as “to know” in English.  One is “conocer” which is “to know” in the sense of “to be familiar with” and[…]


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