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  • Are we normal?

    First I should define my terms.  By “we” I mean British people who only speak one language, although I do realize that people outside this group may also be reading[…]

  • Is that an umlaut I see before me?

    Those of you who read this article regularly will have noticed that over the last few weeks I have veered away from making general reflections about learning, to having a[…]

  • Dual Sounds

    As you will have noticed, very often two vowels come next to each other in Spanish words.  Unlike English which is much more variable, in Spanish these dual sounds are[…]

  • Rules of Emphasis

    There are three golden rules about where the emphasis should be placed in Spanish words.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about how Spanish reading is taught in syllables[…]

  • The Music of Language

    There are a lot of things in common between music and language.  For music to make any sense it has to obey rules of rhythm and expression and exactly the[…]


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