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  • Beber

    Since we have talked about eating, the obvious next priority is drinking, in other words, the verb “beber”.   This seems to be one of the first Spanish words that a[…]

  • Comer

    I thought it was time to get down to the really important verbs, so what could be more fundamental to our existence than “comer” (to eat) apart from “beber” of[…]

  • Gustar

    “Gustar” is the best known of a group of verbs which are usually used the opposite way round from English.   You may think of “gustar” as meaning “to like”. However,[…]

  • Cantar

    I finished the last article by referring to the various connections between modern languages, and more specifically, with the idea that modern English is mainly derived from the Germanic and[…]

  • Creer

    The primary meaning of “creer” is “to believe” although in everyday speech it often appears when we would use the word “to think” in English.  For example, if I were[…]


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