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  • European and South American Spanish

    Just as there are very big differences between British and American English, so there are equally enormous variations between European and South American Spanish.  I would venture to suggest that[…]

  • Assimilation

    Learning a language is completely different from learning any other subject, or indeed any other skill.  In my years at school History and Geography lessons basically consisted of large amounts[…]

  • Spanish dialects

    As well as containing various languages, Spain, as I imagine is true of all other countries in the world, is full of different dialects.  Of course when we start learning[…]

  • Sid’s Adventures in Spain – the German version

    “After many months of anxious preparation …” but this time, in fact, it has been several years of hard work, I am delighted to announce the brand new German /[…]

  • Spanish languages

    As you perhaps know, there are six official languages in Spain.  The one we generally teach and which is referred to as Spanish (español) is in fact Castilian Spanish (castellano)[…]


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