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  • History of the Spanish language (part one)

    Languages are like living organisms, they belong to groups or families, they have evolved through many generations and they are in a constant state of development.  Just as we can[…]

  • Mistranslation technology

    I’m hoping that quite a few of my readers will agree with the following reflection.  Why on earth don´t people check their translations with native speakers?  This question applies as[…]

  • The Spanish phonetic alphabet

    Last week we talked about writing Spanish words phonetically and the difficulty of doing so.  By the term “phonetic” I meant a way of writing out an equivalent sound as[…]

  • Writing “how it sounds”

    I made a decision quite a long time ago about how to deal with the pronunciation of written Spanish.  Before explaining my decision, let’s look first at the most usual[…]

  • Non-sexist Spanish

    The concept of challenging sexism in language is well established in English.  The historical linguistic assumption in words like “fireman” “policeman” and “chairman” is that these jobs are exclusively performed[…]


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