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  • Text speak

    Whether you approve of it or not, text speak is with us, and probably to stay.   In the last article I mentioned that the art of abbreviation was being practised[…]

  • The Spanish letter

    Many of us throw up our hands in horror at the way the youth of today (and some of us oldies as well) abbreviate language whilst texting or “whatsapping”.  This[…]

  • False Beginners

    You may be familiar with the term “false friends”, those words which appear to mean the same thing in two different languages, but in fact mean something different.  However, it[…]

  • A means to an end

    Language is one of the basic tools that we humans use to survive.  As we are social animals we need language to communicate with each other and deal with the[…]

  • Globish

    Globish is actually the trademarked name for kind of simplified version of the English language which has been developed for the use of non-native English speakers when communicating with each[…]


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