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  • Bringing up bilingual children

    Despite the fact that bilingualism and multilingualism are the norm in many parts of the world, people in modern monolingual cultures often have misunderstandings about the benefits or otherwise of[…]

  • The Status of Languages

    The language with the highest status worldwide is English.  There is no objective evidence for this, but it is clearly the language with most influence.  Just in terms of statistics,[…]

  • Spelling mistakes

    Spelling mistakes are the bane or our lives, or would that be that bain, bayne or beign?  I’d better check in the dictionary – are yes, I was write, it[…]

  • Choosing a language course

    I’m often asked to recommend Spanish language courses, other than my own, and I usually give the rather diplomatic answer of “it depends”.  In fact the choice of the right[…]

  • Are we normal?

    First I should define my terms.  By “we” I mean British people who only speak one language, although I do realize that people outside this group may also be reading[…]


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